SC Verl – Season 7: 2026/2027 – Final Season

I want to thank everyone who’s given the series a read in the last few months. It’s been fun writing about my little journey with SC Verl. With FM22 Beta out, I decided this will be the last full season review for the save. Last season was the most successful in the club’s history byContinue reading “SC Verl – Season 7: 2026/2027 – Final Season”

SC Verl – Season 6: 2025/2026

This post will recap the entire 2025/2026 season Last season we were able to squeeze into 4th place on the last game of the Bundesliga season to return to European football. Let’s see where we ended this season. Transfers Out The Champions League served as a great platform for some of our players to beContinue reading “SC Verl – Season 6: 2025/2026”

SC Verl – Season #5: Part 2

As you might recall, my summer recruitment business was below average to say the least. Let’s see whether or not I shot myself in the foot. DFB-Pokal I’ll keep it short. DFB-Pokal was dead last in my list of priorities. I decided to only play squad and youth players. Unexpectedly, they took us far intoContinue reading “SC Verl – Season #5: Part 2”

SC Verl – Season #5: Part 1

SC Verl finished last season in 2nd place and qualified for the Champions League. This meant we needed some reinforcements and a decent preseason to prep us for the tough season ahead. Summer Transfer Window Transfers – In Pre-Contracts: Anthony Elanga joins from Manchester United. He will be our starting left winger. Dylan Levitt joinsContinue reading “SC Verl – Season #5: Part 1”

SC Verl – Season #4: Part 2

In the last post we took a look at our summer signings and the expectations for the 2023/2024 season. Injuries or rather the lack of them certainly played a big part in Verl’s best season thus far. Let’s take a look. DFB-Pokal For the first time in three years we finally managed to make itContinue reading “SC Verl – Season #4: Part 2”

SC Verl – Season #4: Part 1

Hello! Last season was a success for this young Verl side as they reached 9th place and well above the bottom three. Although the team is tipped for a relegation battle, I’m hoping that the squad can look to push for another mid-table finish or a Europa Conference spot. Transfer Window Transfers – Out PatrickContinue reading “SC Verl – Season #4: Part 1”

SC Verl – Season #3: Part 2

Last time you were here we dove into our new signings and pre-season ahead of our first season in the Bundesliga. Due to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, we were handed a super crammed schedule (seventeen games in three months!). A lot of rotation was going to be needed throughout the first half ofContinue reading “SC Verl – Season #3: Part 2”

SC Verl – Season #2: Part 2

And we’re back! I’ve had a lot going on these last few weeks at work as well as moving apartments. To top it off, I’ve been in a rut when whenever I came back to finish writing this post. I’m not sure if any of you out there ever feel this way about any ofContinue reading “SC Verl – Season #2: Part 2”

SC Verl – Season #2: Part 1

Transfer Window Compared to any previous saves, this has been one of the busiest transfer windows that I’ve ever done. With no money, we resorted to free transfers and loans. We also had to released and sell players as our finances were not in a great place. Let’s take a look. Transfers – OUT InContinue reading “SC Verl – Season #2: Part 1”

SC Verl – Season #1: Part 2

Preseason Welcome back! Here’s part 2 of our first season here at SC Verl. Let’s take a look at how our preseason and first half of the season has gone so far. With only £99k in the bank at the start of the game, I decided to take a look at the league rules andContinue reading “SC Verl – Season #1: Part 2”