Ternana Calcio – Club Overview, Squad & Tactics

Welcome back!

In the last post, I spoke about my decision to manage Ternana, the goals that I want to achieve and the transfer policy.

We will be looking at the state of the club, a detailed look of the team and the tactics that I will be using through the save.

Club Overview

Stadium & Facilities

Ternana play in the Stadio Libero Liberati, it has a capacity of 14,995. The fifty-year-old stadium is the heart of the city of Terni. It has not seen enough in terms of upgrades and maintenance but it is still in decent condition. In IRL, there are plans to build a 18K capacity stadium by the 2024. The new stadium will replace the Stadio Libero Liberati, the construction will be phased to allow the team to continue to play matches. I’m not sure if this will be added to the game, regardless, a new stadium is a must.

The club doesn’t have the best facilities around. The corporate facilities are rated as “adequate”, the first team has a “good” training facility and the youth team’s is sadly “adequate.” The youth coaching and recruitment also need help, they are rated “average” and “fairly basic,” respectively. Upgrading everything will be a priority, more so than spending money on transfers.


We being the save with £2M in the bank, £o transfer budget (first transfer window disabled) and £151k p/w in wages. We received £1.1M in Sponsorship and how ever much further we from the 12k season tickets holders. We’re projected to have a balance of (£8.8M) at the of the season. If we are to spend on facilities or being able to add more players or staff to the team it will have to come through player sales or promotion to Serie A.


One of the main reason as to why I’ve never managed in Italy is due to the majority of teams having 100+ players in the club. In our case, Ternana has 110 players in total. There are 33 players in the First Team, 50 in the U20s and 27 in the U19s.

I enjoy having a smaller squad of 22 players in the First Team and use Youth Players for emergencies. The goal in the first season is to offload as many players as possible. I will send out as many players out on loan as I can or just say fuck it and “Sell or Release.” There are couple of players that are out on loan that have the chance to make it into the first team but I will decide their future at the end of the season.

Another issue is that Ternana only has 2 homegrown players in the team, and only a handful of players from the youth teams that might be able to make to the first team. It is going to be a lot of work trying to bring that number up to at least 11 homegrown players in the next couple of seasons. For now, here are the 24 players that will be staying in the First Team.


Central Defender

Defensive Midfielders

Central Midfielders

Attacking Midfielders

Youth Players


The main tactic that I will be using is a 4-1-3-2 DM based on FMGrasshopper‘s Godzilla tactic from last year’s Junior save in Colombia. I loved watching the #gifgoals he would share on Slack and on his posts. That made me want to give the tactic a try during my beta save with Tromsø in Norway. After a couple of matches I decided to tweak around some of the roles and PIs, leaving me with the above tactic. I will continue to tweak it until I can’t anymore so if all fails, I’ll go back to my go-to 4-4-2 that I’ve used in the last couple of versions of FM.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m looking forward to properly starting the save, hopefully you stick around and follow along. The next post I will go over my first season with Ternana.

Feel free to say hello on Twitter or Slack.



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