Managing Style

In this post I will focus on how I like to set up my saves (apologies in advance if this is too extensive).

  • Staff
  • Training
  • First Team & Youth Developing


I enjoy the idea of “realistic” gameplay. As a manager my focus is the coaching staff and first team players. With that being said, I like to operate with a Director of Football and Technical Director who will be in charge of their respective roles. If the team I’m managing does not have a DoF or TD then I would take over the roles until the board allows for such.

When starting a new save I tend to evaluate the coaching staff and see who I will be keeping or releasing at the end of the first season. I’m not someone who starts fresh as I believe that doing so I can affect the players in a negative way (especially in this year’s game).

Director of Football:
The DoF will be in charge of hiring & renewing contracts for all recruitment staff (u19, u23 or B team). In terms of actual recruitment this is how I like to set them up.

– Find and Sign Players for the first & youth teams:
Based on what the scouting team find then I would provide a list of targets for them acquire. They will deal with offers and finalizing the buy.

– Handle Incoming offers for first team & youth players:
Every player will have an asking price, if met, then the DoF will handle the sale of the player.

Technical Director:
The Technical Director will hire and renew contracts for the medical staff for the first & youth teams, as well as youth coaches and decide shall take coaching courses.


Something that I’ve yet to truly figure out and find the right balance is the general training. I still like to handle the schedule even though I can’t seem to find the right balance without upsetting the players haha. Maybe one day…

For the individual training I don’t like to train players in a specific role or position, I like to keep them in the “playing position” default. The thought behind this is the player will learn whatever position by actually playing in it. Then, every season (or half season) I will change the additional focus of the players so that they’re not pissed at me for making do all of this extra work but to also round up their attributes by focusing on a particular weakness.

First Team & Youth Developing:

First Team:
I like to envision my teams to resemble the way that Diego Simeone, Marcelo Bielsa, Nuno Espiritu Santo and Sir Alex Ferguson, set up their teams. They keep a small and tight knit group that will give their all for each other.

I have this obsession of keeping a squad size of 22 players. Two players per position, with youth team players providing cover during emergencies. The task of reducing a squad can sometimes take a couple of years to achieve that way there’s balance and so I’m not left less than 22 first team players. I then look for versatile players with positive personalities (ie, balanced, determined, professional & model citizen).

Youth Developing:
Any player with decent to wonderkid potential is moved to the first team so that they are able to train and be mentored by the elder players. These youth players will then be available for their respective age group. I will touch on this topic in more detail in a later post.

I hope this gives you an idea as to who I like to play the game. None of the above are set in stone as we all know it’s hard to stay disciplined in this game haha.

If you have any questions or just wanna chat, follow me on Twitter or leave a comment below.


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